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Here is the story.

Two sweet twin baby boys were born in Parulia in Kolkata. Small family and everything was good until the mother delivered two pre-mature babies. Instead of a new beginning and happiness their life got worse. Parents till date spend time raising their sons. One with cerebral Palsy named Preet and the other one with low mental abilities,named as Poas. (Names are changed)

Father is a retired from railway works on VRS.(voluntary retirement) taking care of Preet who can't walk well but simply crawls. Can you imagine of a painful day and night of taking care of a crawling twenty-one year old?  

Their mother is a housewife. She is also tired of all this.This couple married early & since then it's been troubles with their sons. Instead of children taking care of old parents, here parents spend their lives taking care of their children. Their mother has high sugar & health disorder still she has to take care of Preet who can't manage to walk. Almost every time their father is trying to make both ends meet with his meager pension. 

His cousin is a professional writer and a good friend of mine in Kolkata. These twins are his cousin from maternal side. I was deeply moved when i heard their story. We appeal people to do at least Rs.100 of donation till end of June. Every donor would get access to list of number of donors and amount donated along with amount used for these two twins.

First phase of fundraising ends by end of June for immediate help to twins.100 people contributing Rs.100 can easily raise 10,000 in no time. It is a kind request to step forward. My Rs.100 is in. So I appeal 99 more people to donate. If you are in Kolkata, you can email me at [email protected] or Ranabir on [email protected] for payment details. 

I plan to visit them with 10 grands to provide them immediate relief as soon as June 30th. Follow-up second phase with more concrete help after this campaign.

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