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We want the Government to stop banning sites and passing on new laws to regulate so that people only reads and shares what is "appropriate" in their definition. We all remember that in the past YouTube was blocked for allegedly offending national sensibilities. We want to see the reality not what the government wants us to perceive. If Turkey's PM is a real democratic leader he would appreciate the different voices heard through the right to the Freedom of Speech. 

We are the FREE people of Republic of Turkey each with a different ethnic background, different religion or sect and we are the owners of the Constitution.

Let's take a stand for the freedom of speech in Turkey, if Turkey's ruling party AKP is a believer of the Human Rights we ask them for our freedom of expression without any rules or regulations.We do not want the access to the Facebook or Twitter to be blocked in order to supposedly ensure public safety.We want to be free in expressing ourselves without being concerned of being detained or sentenced to jail.  

You can sign this petition to make a difference and show solidarity to those who are in need in Turkey.

Keeping silence during any human rights violation is no different than taking action on that violation. Make your self heard and sign the petition to make a positive change in the World.  

You can make a difference if you sign the petition.


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