Sign the Petition to Robert Gabriel Mugabe, the First Secretary of ZANU PF; Morgan Richard Tsvangirai, the President of MDC-T; and to every person involved in the use of violence and intimidation in Zimbabwe

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The culture of violence in all its forms has long been part of the political processes of Zimbabwe. It has been used to gain power, to intimidate, and to secure political dominance. 

As Zimbabwe moves into a new era of democracy and constitutionalism, where every individual and community is respected and their safety guaranteed by law, we call for an end to violent practices. 

We challenge Zimbabwe's leaders to adhere to the calls for peaceful elections,   Furthermore, we affirm that at the heart of the democratic process lies the right of every Zimbabwean to be politically involved, and the power of every Zimbabwean to transform this country

Zimbabweans believe in the power of positive progress. We hold each and every political actor accountable for the safety and security of the people that they represent.    

We demand the peace that Zimbabwe deserves.


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