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We are asking Pepsi to remove BVO from Mountain Dew like the company has done for all of its Gatorade brand products. BVO, (Brominated Vegetable Oil) has major health effects including, skin lesions, memory loss, and nerve disorders when ingested. Japan and the European Union have already banned BVO because of it's dangerous side effects and impacts on human health. Now we're asking PepsiCo to do the same. Stop feeding Americans this dangerous chemicals. 


Nick Magel

BVO (Brominated
Vegetable Oil) is used a flame retardant in plastics.  PepsiCo is using
this same chemical as an ingredient in many of their products. Just this past
January PepsiCo announced that it would be removing BVO from all of it's
Gatorade products, effectively admitting health concerns over the use of BVO in

BVO has already been
banned in Japan, the EU, India, and over 100 other countries. So why does
PepsiCo continue to put it in many of our soft drinks?

is why we need it banned:

When ingested,
bromine displaces iodine. The resulting iodine deficiency can turn lead to an increased
risk of breast cancer
, thyroid gland cancer, ovary and prostate
cancers. It's called Bromide Dominance Theory.

Bromine is known to
act as a central nervous system depressant and can trigger a number of
psychological symptoms such as acute paranoia and other psychotic symptoms. In
animal testing, BVO consumption has caused damage to the heart and kidneys in
addition to increasing fat deposits in these organs, as well as testicular
damage and stunted growth.

There are better ways
to make soda than putting potentially dangerous chemicals in our beverages.
PepsiCo realized the risk and pulled BVO form Gatorade, now it's time for them
to do the same in Mt. Dew.

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