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Friends and Family,

I am excited to take a moment and share my vision of ministry with you! As many of you know, I am currently in training for ministry at Moody Bible Institute-Spokane, majoring in pastoral studies, emphasizing biblical exposition. I will be graduating this December and moving on, God willing, into the world of pastoral ministry. Curently I am serving as the youth pastor of Five Mile Community Church in Spokane, a ministry that will soon be dissolved, sadly, due to financial reasons and lots of happy seniors graduating. Since Sara and I began this journey in July 2010 we have taken a lot of time to marvel at the way that God has led us to where we are, always providing for our needs through circumstances and other people within the church. 

The ministry we're looking at most immediately is the possibility of taking those youth group members who have graduated and morphing into a college group meeting at our home. I'm hopeful this will happen, and will keep updating you all on what is happening with that ministry 

As the time to move along into full-time ministry nears, and the vision for ministry God has given me comes into focus, it is a great pleasure of mine to share that with you, because it is your ministry too. Our Church is one, our Savior is One, and our Mission is one. We are all members of Christ's body, and no one member is more important than another. 

Let me ask you a question that Francis Chan once asked: "If you had never visited a church service before, but you had read the Bible a lot, on your first church visit would you find what you would have expected to find?" 

My vision: To see the church rediscover the celebratory nature of the Christian life. Pastor and author Steve McVey said that "Christianity is a party that celebrates Jesus Christ!" The picture of the early days of the church in Acts 2 is that of a celebratory body of people, radically loving each other in such a way that their numbers increases at supernatural rates.

Do you know that for the first 300 years of the church, the greatest proof of the reality of the resurrection of Christ was the church? The natural question was, "Look at the way the church acts. Of course, this is real!" Today, the church is one of the greatest evidences against the resurrection, and if the church began to rediscover the celebratory nature of life lived in the radical grace of God, we may once again see a rise in the number of people drawn to Christ through His church. One very often under-emphasized  part of Christianity is the Lord's Supper, and why this is so significant is that when Jesus sat down to table fellowship with His disciples, He was displaying God's invitation to sinful people to come be with Him by Him going to where they were. It is my conviction that the Lord's Supper be more than just an external formal ritual performed once per month, but rather a lifestyle of extending ourselves to those around us in fellowship, displaying the love of Christ and His act of meeting sinners where they are. We must live in the reality that Christ is our only hope, that we are totally bankrupt and broken and have only Him to lean on. The realization of this is a life of celebrating Christ, which is infectious. 

Sara and I want to ask you to consider supporting this aspect of ministry within the church by committing to pray for those we minister to. Please commit to praying for God's provision for us since what lies ahead in the near future is still unknown to us. Please pray that God would clearly guide us with open and closed doors, and we'd ask that you prayerfully consider supporting our preparation for ministry financially, as those needs are always present. Currently we are funded at 50%. Should you decide to support us financially, you can send your contribution to us through PayPal at [email protected] (please select "gift"), or by check to;

2618 E. Sinto Ave

Spokane, WA 99202

While we do have immediate financial needs, I am in search of a part-time job for the summer, but otherwise the financial needs we are seeking to meet are future, to ensure there's no gap in what we are able to do between Moody and whatever place of ministry God is moving us into. 

This is our ministry, but it can be your ministry, too. God bless you, and I will try to update information as life changes. 

Please feel free to give me a call or text at 919-273-0363. I'd love to talk more about the ministry or the church, or otherwise just have good fellowship. 

Michael and Sara Durso

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