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Help nueter the stray dogs & cats of Goa

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How this will help

This male pup was rescued from his "home" by WAG: Welfare for Animals in Goa, volunteers. We found him in a backyard , starving, frightened and full of fleas. He is now with WAG fosterer Claira and her daughters Roshni & Kiran. They have named him Marvin ( Starvin Marvin!) and he now has his own sofa, and most important , Marvin is experiencing Love , Warmth & Safety for the first time in his life. Please also see the 2nd photo of Marvin & the girls. He is still on medication & will require a lot of TLC. We wish Marvin a speedy recovery & hope he finds a permanent loving home.

Marvins story highlights the need for Sterilization ( Neutering) of stray Dogs & Cats , as there are others Marvins all over the world, suffering in silence. Please help by donating , or helping with sterilizations in your area.


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