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Dear Friends, 

Today, on my birthday, I want to take this moment to thank all of you that helped me with my causes wish last year. I was extremely moved with the response from my near and dears. Within just a few days of starting the causes fundraiser, I had raised more than enough money to help me fund my trip to the Tibet Action Leadership training in India. I had a great learning experience doing case studies on different movements, studying more about Tibetan history and strategizing for effective campaigning for Tibet. 

Following an inspiring and educational month in Dharamsala, I decided to visit Ladakh with a few friends I made there. We reached there after travelling a very long distance by car on the treacherous roads.

As we pulled to a stop near a small town, I got out of the car to take a look at the landscape and the town. I saw the Tibetan-style houses, the numerous stupas and prayer flags typical of a Tibetan town, and a preserved state of my homeland as I had never seen before. Immediately, I was overwhelmed with a rush of emotions. I was looking at my homeland, my ancestry, my roots. 

It was a mixture of sadness and inspiration. 

At that moment, being back in a free Tibet seemed more real than ever because I saw what it could look like. It was the feeling of seeing a long-lost friend or relative. As I returned to Canada, I was more resolved than ever to organize and campaign for Tibet. I knew then that as long as Tibet remains, and as long as the occupation remains, the spirit of resistance must remain, to take back what is rightfully ours.

This August, a few Canadians will get that opportunity to train for youth organizing in Germany, and I want to support this training so that more youth can be directly involved in organizing for freedom in Tibet.

Today, as I turn 25, I ask that you help me in raising money for a dedicated and involved colleague, who needs $1000 so she can afford the flight to Germany. Help me make this training possible so that the Tibetan movement will continue to have inspiring leaders who have the passion and determination passed from our ancestors and the education, skills and versatility that youth of this age possess.

Thank you for taking time to read and hopefully donating to my causes birthday wish. If you can't donate right now, please share it so that others may give to my appeal.

Bhod Gyalo!
Tenzing Gaychey

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