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We cannot let 20th Century solutions to 21st Century problems destroy our downtown. At a time when Birmingham is growing in all directions the current ALDOT plan proposes dividing the City. Rather than accepting a plan that will remove the 20/59 barrier at the northern edge of the downtown city center ALDOT intends to make the barrier permanent and more prominent.  

The current plan is build a taller, wider expressway through downtown, while diverting all through truck and automobile traffic down 11th Avenue, creating a permanent barrier to the Northern neighborhoods as well as to any further downtown development. This hurts downtown businesses and it devastates neighborhoods. As other cities are removing their inner city freeways by placing them underground or round the City's edge, ALDOT has chosen to hold to 1950's style planning that divides and hobbles the city.

 As Birmingham moves forward with businesses and people steadily returning and attracting more people and businesses, this move will stop the growth and movement in its tracks, thus disadvantaging the entire region. As goes Birmingham, so goes the State. 

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