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Read About the 10-Step BVC Plan to Stop Wolf Killing and to ACT

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How this will help

How YOU and Bold Visions Conservation Will Stop Wolf & Wildlife Slaughter in America? Start by reading BVC's 10-Step plan:

After you read the plan, these are immediate actions you can take to help:

1.) Sign all of BVC's current and future Petitions and Actions. This is how we are building the large constituency we need to move public officials to action:

 2.) Visit our Facebook page and 'Like' us. This action will make it possible to receive the numerous posts and updates on our Campaigns. Occasionally we have a need for IMMEDIATE action, and you may see these Alerts and be able to act much sooner than through other means:

 3.) Explore our website! It's far from complete, but it's already one of the best in the world of conservation: we call it a 'Living Magazine.' We especially encourage you to explore the Opinion Page, where you can read about the Bold Visions Conservation Philosophy, as well as some off-topic musings of Executive Director Stephen Capra:

4.) SHARE! Please share our Campaigns, encourage your Facebook Friends to 'Like' us, and invited them to explore our website!

5.) If you like our ideas, if you believe in our Causes, if you agree with our philosophy, and you are able, DONATE TO US. The people doing the work have to survive, the gasoline it requires to move across vast, remote territories, the computers, software, camera gear, outreach efforts, rallies, EVERYTHING: it all takes money to operate. WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT TO CONTINUE.



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