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Hi, my name is Melissa Young and I am 37 years old as of 2012, I was a manager of a restaurant and sports bar for 5 years before my life turned upside down on January 31st 2010.  I was with my friend and he hit a curb on the side of the road and the truck went airborne, and then hit a concrete culvert on the side of the road. When I opened my eyes I knew something was definitely wrong I told  my friend I couldn't feel my legs, I was never so scared in my life. I was airlifted to the nearest trauma hospital. I had a T12 burst fracture in my spinal cord, a concussion, lacerations on my face, a broken ankle and two shattered shoulders plus a punctured lung. I had to have two blood transfusions because I lost so much blood. A week later I had to have a six hour surgery for my shoulders where I have a plate and 8 screws in each shoulder. I woke up after surgery and the next day I saw the doctor and he told me I would never walk again and I just sobbed. I thought my life is over and I kept telling God, "I know you kept My me on this earth for a reason. I know the mind is a powerful thing and being strong is what I have to do and never give up." On March of 2012, I discovered Project Walk Orlando; quickly fell in with the people and the aggressive therapy. I have been getting donations from family and friends to help with my therapy because insurance no longer covers it. I really need more funds to progress with my therapy. I am receiving disability now and looking for a job to help because the disability barely pays the bills. I recently had another back surgery on October 31, 2012 to re-fuse the left part of my back, they had to add a larger rod down to L2 and add three bigger screws and more bone fragments.  However, I'm going to be cleared to resume workouts at Project Walk Orlando soon and I can't wait to get started back on my road to recovery! I truly appreciate the opportunity that The Dream2Walk Foundation has given me to help make my dream of walking again someday come true. I think The Dream2Walk Foundation is a wonderful organization to help people with Spinal Cord Injuries. I will wake up everyday fighting to make my life better and work my hardest to gain the strength to walk again! - Melissa Young  


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