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To donate to these campaigns and the many other campaigns Romania Animal Rescue does for free spay/neuter, veterinary care, educational programs, and veterinary training, please go to or paypal : [email protected]    Only with your support can we continue to provide this wonderful help for the animals.

Spay/neuter campaign in the new location of Vatra Dornei!  50 spays/neuters for the shelter here and the area.  Fantastic Vatra Dornei, wonderful people and gorgeous doggies!!! Thanks to the amazing RAR donors, we were able to go to Vatra Dornei to help people there and mot of all to help the doggies! 50 dogs were spayed during this past weekend, dogs from the small shelter but also strays brought by their carers / protectors. The Mayor came to greet us at the shelter and he thanked us for our efforts, the local press came there to witness our campaign and to write a story for the press to ask people to do the right thing for the doggies: spay / neuter them. Many thanks to all the people involved in this amazing project, the first of its kind in Vatra Dornei: Lelia Creanga, Roxana Stanisor Pasat , Mirel Gâtej, Emma Cecilia - volunteer vet tech and last but not least Dr. Livioara Rotariu !!! Lots of love to you, to RAR donors!

Romania Animal Rescue returned to Moreni to work with Anda Popescu and her team at Happy Paws!


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