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When Corporate Media outlets began mentioning Vanunu in their reporting on Edward Snowden, the NSA Whistle Blower who acted because he felt compelled "to inform the public as to that which is done in their name";

I TWEETED the link to THIS CAUSE to those reporters and News Desks challenging them to report on Israel's WMD and Vanunu's ongoing saga.

NONE replied, but that cyber trail can be read HERE

Snowden could face decades in prison if convicted on espionage or treason charges.  

27 years ago Vanunu was convicted of treason and espionage-but all he really did was tell the truth and provide the photographic proof of Israel's WMD Facility at Dimona.  

In 2005, after my first of 7 trips to both sides of The Wall in Israel Palestine, I founded as a Public Service because knowledge carries responsibility and the US Media was NOT reporting on what the US Government did NOT want known:

US collusion in Israel's Nuclear DECEPTIONS and the sustaining of the military occupation of Palestine.  

Over 10 million visitors have crossed my pages -the majority being US and Israeli cyber drones.

Every time my site was taken down, my tech team responded by making my platform stronger.  

In June 2009, when I last saw Vanunu, he told me he wouldn't write and I told him I will continue to write to and about him because 'thanks' to The Patriot Act, I was seizing every opportunity to let my Government know how much I dissented from certain US policies [The Patriot Act allowed US Government to monitor Americans over seas communications.]

When more of Snowden's revelations are published, we may learn if THIS CAUSE and my two MAC'S were hacked  and my most recent spammaccusers  have NSA connections.

What we know for certain now is that neither US Corporate Media or Congress will acknowledge the existence of Israel's nuclear arsenal, but in this YouTube at least John Kerry admitted Israel's Nukes are "COMMON KNOWLEDGE." 

What Leaders need is COMMON SENSE and until they get it- we need to keep telling them THE TRUTH


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