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UN (UNEP), environmental agencies and FAO.

Your Excellency:

The Pacific patch plastic soup keeps getting bigger and bigger, marine animals keep dying because of sea and river pollution. These are the undersigned requests: 

- Forbid or impose rationalization of plastic bags by forcing supermarkets to sell them at more expensive prices, not giving them away or simply make a discount (mandatory by law) if you bring your own bag from home.
- Simply forbid it’s use by making supermarkets give one made of textile and insert that information in supermarkets discount cards or in list of people who got the bag (mandatory). That is the one they should use or another bought by them or more than one given by the supermarket for a bigger amount of shopping but that should be in fact used for more shopping.
- Taxation benefits to villages and cities with higher amount of recycling plastic; to all those who live in the village or city; a bonus in taxation and other social or environmental benefits like donations by the recycling company to animal, humanitarian or environmental association (rotating among them all).
- Invention of an electronic system that identifies the person that throws the garbage in the right recycling bin and the more she does it the more tax benefits or bonus she or he has, there could be funding to a new ideas contest and protocols with technological universities for the invention.
-Invest in education to prevent people from throwing trash into rivers, ocean and marine coasts (sand), also impose the obligation to fishermen not to dispose fish nets wastes on the sand. Either by taxing in some way or rewarding the good attitudes.
- Better laws to punish the countries that produce and export more plastic; higher taxation and customhouse charges, there should be quotas and the countries that produce more plastic should pay to environmental projects and funds according to the amount produced a year.
- More cleaning operations of sea beds and shores and forests; with volunteers and employees and support from international agencies and state entities. It is up to specialists to join, or be joined around this issue and solve it up once and for all.
And by the way: for how long will the plastic soup at the Pacific kill marine life and poison fish and all the food chain?

Thank you for you attention, the undersigned;


Patrícia Maria T

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The future of this planet is in our hands! Plastic takes oil and pollutes our oceans, forests, shores, kills marine and wildlife in general, we must stop it and stop littering.


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