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How this will help

From Save the Dogs and Other Animals Onlus website:

"This is Margarita. This is her story. She was being beaten because she wasn't pulling the cart fast enough. The horse was found by the employees of Save the Dogs from Medgidia, while she was being beaten by her owner, a boy with psychiatric problems. Margherita's case (we gave her this name) is certainly the worst one we have witnessed in the past 11 years of our activity in Romania. "

Please view this page to see some of the wonderful activity and photos from Footprints of Joy  horse sanctuary in Cernavoda, Romania.  They need all our help to rescue more horses:

I have always wanted to help the horses of Romania. And thank God Sara Turetta and Footprints of Joy (Save the Dogs: has a sanctuary for horses like Margarita. Romania Animal Rescue is going to help raise as much money as possible to help the Romanian horses. Along with the charity "Horses on Death Row" in the USA we will do our utmost to help the horses to live a good life.  All funds will go to Footprints of Joy sanctuary in Cernavoda. They need a 3rd stable to take in more horses now. If you are an American and would like to get a tax-deduction to help Romanian horses who are victims of horrible abuse and neglect, you may donate via and put "for horses". Thank you friends. We have to do what we can for these poor souls.  Sincerely, Nancy Janes, Romania Animal Rescue


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