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The SLRC strongly believes this case should continue. The facts start in 2003-  9 years ago, the lawsuit itself was filed in 2006-  it has gone to the 4th circuit twice - now probably for the last time. Candice wore several innocuous Confederate heritage shirts to school in both Middle & High School - never caused a disruption - but she was repeatedly targeted, suspended, including being punished for wearing dissent or protest shirts with no Confederate flags on them. The precise reason for the length of time this case has taken is simple: Judge Tom Wooten, a judge mentored by Strom Thurmond, a judge who will not follow the law or facts in the case - he will rule for the school every chance he gets - even if he ticks off the 4th Circuit in doing so. We hit the school and the judge pretty hard at the 4th Circuit - and got the Judges bad decision reversed because Wooten embarrassingly forgot to rule on the protest shirts - ( shirts the school banned that had NO Confederate flags on them). The 4th Circuit did all it could  - sent it back to Wooten to rule on the protest shirts - we had another hearing in Florence and Wooten did as we predicted - dismissed everything this  time. The uncontested reason for the ongoing Confederate flag ban is as follows "It's just racist and because of racism & segregation 50-60 years ago and because it is so controversial in SC we just can't have it at school." That's it - that's really all they have.. That is their major argument! A secondary argument that is growing in other circuits is: "Any racial problems, even unrelated to the Confederate flag - is enough to ban the Confederate flag." Several other circuits have ruled this way.What is really scary:  The National association of School Boards  is asked the courts to hand their judicial authority over to school principals on (and only on) Confederate flag cases - this is the scariest part of what our opponents are up to, and why they must be stopped. If we do not appeal - Wooten's lousy decision becomes the law for South Carolina schools.

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