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4 Paws for Ability, Inc. is a wonderful organization that is committed to helping children with disabilities become more independent. They train and place service dogs in families that can benefit from the many ways dogs can assist children with special needs.

Marina has been approved for an autism assistance dog! An assistance dog for Marina will:

  • Keep Marina from wandering off or bolting.
  • Help to prevent or de-escalate meltdowns and anxiety attacks.
  • Discourage inappropriate behaviors.
  • Provide companionship and improve socialization skills.
It costs $22,000 to train and place one service dog. We are committed to raising at least $13,000 for 4 Paws for Ability in order for Marina to get her new friend. Can you help? Your gift of any amount will help bring us closer to getting Marina her new companion and the assistance that could give her a more satisfying and independent life. Marina gets one point for every dollar donated in her name. When she has accumulated 13,000 points, 4 Paws for Ability will match Marina to a dog and train the dog especially for Marina and her needs. You must include Marina's name, Marina Ford, with any donation in order for her to get credit for your gift! You will receive a receipt from 4 Paws for Ability, and your gift is 100% tax-deductible. To donate for Marina online, please enter her name in the "Special Instructions" or "Instructions to Merchant" box. Or visit the website  4 Paws for Ability to donate or to get more information about the organization. Don't forget to include Marina's name when making a gift. Or you can send a check to: 4 Paws for Ability, Inc., 253 Dayton Avenue, Xenia, Ohio, 45385. Include Marina's name on the memo line of your check. If you can't make a gift, you can still help:
  • Pray for Marina, the dog trainers, and our fundraising efforts.
  • Share this page with anyone that you think might be interested or be able to help.
Thank you!      Lori Ford and Marina

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