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All Manipuris and those who respect and love Manipur's unique identity and history.

Amendment of Article 3 of the Indian Constitution in respect of Manipur  and declaration of the State as a Hill State with the implementation of a Uniform Land Law shall be our immediate collateral demands to be placed both to the Central and State Governments contextually such that the present forces threatening the unique history, identity and territorial integrity of Manipur will be tackled once and for all. Considering this core demand as the most legitimate political birthright of every Manipuri, lets submit this petition democratically on the eve of observing the controversial  Manipur Merger Agreement signed by the then Maharaja of Manipur and the Union Govt. of India on Oct. 15, 1949. 
Lets struggle unitedly both for our pride and national interest.


A C Luwang

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To safeguard Manipur's territorial integrity, unique identity and history.

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