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How this will help

Here is your chance to comment directly to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Dept about NOT granting wolf management to the lower 48 states.  

It is easy -- just fill in the form and state your reasons -- here are some talking points:

1- The states that already have wolf management - Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Minnesota, Wisconsin -- all have been driven by a zeal for a new game animal, and have been no less than brutally cruel -- even torturing wolves.   They have abused their stewardship over these animals---evidenced everyday in their photos and posts on public forums.  

2- Wolves, more than any other North American predator, have been the subjects of extreme prejudice and persecution, which mandates even more protection for them from the federal government.

3- The current wolf massacre has resulted in great dilution of DNA diversity.  Packs and families are dispersing.  

4- Since the states took over wolf management in the NW - virtually ALL of the collared wolves in Yellowstone have been killed.  Many have been lured out of the sanctity of the park with recordings of pups in distress and the scent of bait -- only to walk into a bone-crushing trap or find themselves in the cross hairs of a gun.

5- Wyoming allows killing wolves on sight in 87% of their state --- no license required, anyone, any age, any time, by any fashion can kill a wolf.  

6-  Delisting wolves will result in eventual extinction of wolves in the United States.  

***** the site gives you the option of downloading photos, videos, or other documentation that you may have  *****

Please let's do this --- the other side are making their comments to support state management of wolves for the entire country---we have to respond!  

Click on link below to submit comments directly to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife about their National Gray Wolf Delisting Proposal--here:


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