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$200 donated
$999,800 more needed

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A safe house is ready to be built in Chicago Northwest Suburbs! The Michigan Safe House is up and running. Our area needs an adult safehouse for human trafficked/exploited victims. Eve's Angels program is ready to create what is needed in our local community to fight trafficking. There is a waiting list of girls 17-26 ready to get out of the darkness.  

1,000 Dentists donating $1,000 dollars each a year is something that will pull us as one voice and show how much we care for our communities!

Want to get your staff on board?

We will provide free lunch and learns to educate and help market your cause!

Be the care provider we are called to be, with purpose, and going beyond the call of teeth. I am a hygienist who is confident that this should be a fight not only in IL, but carried to each states. Let's start this amazing cause!

Donations from a entire "Dental Office" or Dentist are preferred to keep our base factual.

Not a dentist????Let your dentist know to join the fight!

Thank You!

Cheryl Csiky RDH

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