Sign the Petition to Greg Fischer, Louisville Mayor; David Tandy, City Council, District 4; Parks and Recreation

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There are too many people in this city who are so poor and can't afford to buy fresh fruits and vegetables for their families.  I've personally seen how healthier food costs more and we need city officials to provide options for using public property to grow food that will be eaten by the public. 

There are very good reasons for why this is important to me. 

  1. My niece Savannah is 11 years old. Her mother can not afford to keep her and her children stocked throughout the month with the healthy non-GMO food that they need to keep them from falling victim to health issues. Savannah is not only suffering from obesity, but also from "Blood Pressure Issues" as a direct result of obesity brought on by Poverty. 
  2. The healthier the food is in the grocery stores, the more expensive it is. Millions of impoverished people throughout this country are already struggling just to provide "Unhealthy Food" for them selves and their families. 
The park was once built as a tribute to civil rights legend and we owe it to Dr. King to honor his memory by bringing "life" to downtown through healthy food.  


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