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My generation is depending on current leaders to protect the environment and be good stewards of our economy.  Bottled water has become a "fad" in the USA and unfortunately this "fad" is taking a huge toll on our planet and is costing taxpayers money.  What do you want the planet to look like in 20-30 years?  Are you happy with all the plastic floating in the oceans or drifting ashore on our beaches?  Please join me in asking Congressman Boehner to switch from bottled water to the tap.  Younger generations are switching away from bottled water and we should ask the same from our elected officials.

Five reasons why you should say "no" to bottled water:

  1. Bottled water isn't a good value - Brand name bottled water can cost up to $1 for a 20 ounce bottle (even more expensive per ounce than gasoline).  
  2. No healthier than tap water - Water systems in the developed world are well-regulated and is regularly inspected for bacteria and toxic chemicals.  
  3. Bottled water means garbage - Bottled water produces up to 1.5 million tons of plastic waste per year.  
  4. Bottled water means less attention to public systems - Water treatment systems and infrastructure  
  5. The corporatization of water - Water is being called the "Blue Gold" of the 21st century. Fresh water is essential to life and therefore should be a basic human right. 
Representative Boehner's 2012 Bottled Water Expenses:



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