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You may be asking: Why? And WHY am I just hearing about this?

In 7 weeks, a team from my church is heading to Kenya to help our friend Ashby. Ashby has opened a school and home for children who may not otherwise have a future. I believe in her and what she's doing. Read more about Visible Grace here.

What can I do? I can help get the school set up, train teachers, teach kids, play with kids, give Ashby a high five, cook, bake, clean, build, paint, shop, carry heavy luggage full of supplies... I'm open. 

Why me? I'm a teacher, a traveler, I have the time, availability and energy, I'm immunized, have a passport, and have even been to Kenya (twice).

This trip is estimated at costing around $2500. I'm hoping to get my airfare covered, and then I can cover the rest. One teammate just bought his ticket for $1800.

I realize this is crazy last minute, but I want to be open to the possibility of this happening.

How you can help: Donate money or air miles (Delta, KLM) to get me there.

So what do you think?

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