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Laz's Well

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So far we have raised over $5,400 to build our well in eastern Uganda.!  We need to raise approximately $8,000 total to move forward.  We'll be working with Dave Walker who is establishing 501c3 non-profit called "It Is Well International."  Dave already has point of contacts on the ground in Uganda. So we have met one of three goals . . .

1. Research and contract with a non-profit well building organization.

2. Research the finances needed to build Laz's Well and then raise the funds.

3. Determine exactly WHERE to build the well (the hard part).

Laz's grandmother is settling into her new land, establishing food crops, and building a simple interim dwelling.  Once she gets settled in, her family will transport the roofing and windows that the Vine has already provided her.  We are communicating with her to determine her exact location and churches near her property in order to determine the best place to establish a well that can be used by the whole community/village.

Please donate through Network for Good by clicking the link.  A short registration process (so you can receive a tax record-receipt for your donation) will allow you to donate online with your credit card.

Thank you!

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