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Continue to support P.A.W.S. effort to feed and care for animals in need.

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When we recently wrote that Wali's dogs are in desperate need for food, we were more than serious. You can see the ribs on these three little pups after being without food for couple of days. Situation is really urgent.

With your help we managed to supply them with 75 kilos of dog food and 5 kilos of cat food last week. But with 13 dogs and 7 cats this food won't last forever.

With your help we managed to help Wali's animals in past six months.

Overall we bought:

  • 155 kilos of granules and 5 kilos of wet food for dogs &
  • 27 kilos of granules and 15 kilos of wet food for cats.

More than 200 kilos of food was given to these animals by YOU. 

In the past six months with YOUR help we managed to provide surgery for Moloko the dog, cure Reni the kitten and vaccinate 10 dogs!!! Being a small organization I think we managed to achieve a lot. But it is all thanks to YOU!

Lots of other animals from all over Serbia need our help in basic things - food, vaccination, spaying and necessary vet therapy. We ask you to continue to help us as our work is only possible with your help.

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Thank you!

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