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Dear Visitor and Friend,

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On 7 June 2011 Dirk (or Dirkie as most know him) suffered a severe stroke that has left him paralysed for life! He is now dependent on caregivers for his daily survival. Here is the current status, with a little background to follow.

"It has been brutal for Dirk, and the whole family. I found the circumstances very traumatic. Dirk still has the most incredible sense of humour cracking silly jokes, mixed in with a lot of care and concern for the people still in his world. He loves reading still, and although his eyesight has been impaired, can hold a book or a kindle. Dirk always had a very high need for mental stimulation and conversation, which has been very limited in the hospital he is now in. I really urge you to call him, chat to him, keep him in the loop. If you're in Cape Town, visit him. He needs his friends. Dirk cannot physically function the way he used to, but his heart, spirit and mind are full of life..." - Desmond Bailes (Primary Leader of this campaign)


At the time that Dirk suffered the severe stroke on 7 June 2011, he was living in Johannesburg and progressing well with a new business. 

Having limited means and support, he was initially admitted to a state hospital in Johannesburg where the care and facilities were appalling. Being the only white patient in the ward he suffered continual racial abuse from the staff and never received the correct rehabilitative treatment. After a few months he was transferred to a facility at Southrand where he fortunately received good treatment. From there he was moved to a facility in Lentegeur, Mitchell's Plein in Cape Town and from there to his present home at the *Siyabonga Care Village in Vredenburg, Western Cape, South Africa. *Ref.

There have been many moments of despair for Dirk, not being able to look after his children, which is almost all of his heart, not being able to work, not being able to realise one's dreams, in fact life as it was or could have been, has completely disappeared. Dirk often describes his life as a "brutal existence"! 

The Siyabonga Care Village is situated in Vredenburg, ninety minutes from Cape Town on the west coast. It seems to have about sixty patients and whilst the staff seems very friendly the facilities are extremely basic. Dirk is awoken in the morning, receives breakfast and then is transferred to his wheelchair where he sits outside until midday. Thereafter, he goes back to his bed for the rest of the day. 

There is a small TV in the ward that he shares with eleven others and no DSTV. 


Our initial goal is to raise funds to get Dirk his own TV and a DSTV subscription for the facility. We will provide a specific target value shortly.

This will make a tremendous difference to the life of Dirk! 

Let's make this happen. A small donation from you can have an enormous effect on his quality of life. 


First, take the pledge above and then make a specific pledge to donate a certain sum of money by clicking this EMAIL link to make your confidential commitment. I will then send you the banking details mentioned below.


Our bigger aim is to raise sufficient funds to provide DSTV and flat screen televisions for the total facility. Costs to be provided later. This action will further enhance the lives of the fifty nine equally unfortunate people and the overall facility.

BANKING DETAILS: For your pledge if you want to donate

Acc: D A Bailes  (Current account) 

Bank: Nedbank 

Branch code: 101109 

Branch: Constantia Acc no: 1050757823 



Once you take this pledge we will be able to update you on the progress of the campaign and ways to support and contribute to Dirkie Swart's Circle of Courage.


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Peter Guess | Grey College Class of '74

On behalf of: Dirkie Swart's Circle of Care

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