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Dear family, friends, and colleagues

Thousands of people in Nepal are highly isolated from the world because there are no roads and telephones to bridge hundreds of mountainous villages of Nepal to the rest of the world. 

But one man has been working hard to change it. Mahabir Pun, the creator of Nepal Wireless Networking Project has been relentless in his effort to connect each remote Nepali village to the rest of the world by installing wireless internet in local schools. Each installation costs about $400 (USD) per school. One immediate benefit from this project is telemedicine. Since many villages are devoid of doctors, common diseases with simple remedies end up claiming hundreds of lives.

This year I am running the Chicago marathon to raise at least $1200 (USD) to install wireless internet in three schools in rural Nepal. I am writing to you because I trust you are kindhearted and will support me in this noble cause. 

Imagine YOUR life without internet, the mundane life without facebook, twitter, email, and google. Imagine an entire village unable to access internet to express themselves. Now imagine the village in rugged mountains of rural Nepal where there are no means for people to express themselves. Not only political expression, but express their pain to a doctor because there are few doctors in rural Nepal--express their knowledge, their artistic abilities--just imagine. Imagine the next generation of children who will grow up without knowing what internet is, without being connected to this world, isolated.

I am certain that you will kindly donate $26 (or more), representing $1 per marathon mile, for this noble cause and help me connect the villages in rural Nepal to the world. 100% of your donations will go towards installing wireless devices and purchasing computers for the three schools. I would be grateful to you if you would forward my cause to your friends and families who may be willing to help me help Mr. Pun. 

Most sincerely,

Aashish Jha

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