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The National Animal Rescue Groups of Australia (NARGA) Inc recognises the importance of reducing the amount of cats and kittens that end up in our pounds. Unfortunately the survival rate of impounded cats is extremely low and it is strongly advocated that most should not even be in there at all.Australia's wildlife advocates insist that our precious native wildlife is under threat by the sheer amount of wild/feral cats roaming the countryside. Cat lovers are devastated by the needless deaths of thousands upon thousands of cats and kittens each and every year.The answer is to trap, neuter and then release them back to their home territory., commonly known as TNR. The NARGA Catsnip Program aims to raise funds to neuter (desex) as many community cats as possible as well as to provide a discount for those people who have hit tough times through ill health, age or unemployment, to have their pet cats desexed.In order for us to succeed we need your help to raise funds, to volunteer, to join NARGA, to share, to inform and to inspire. Come and join us on this journey to end the senseless killing.

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