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It all began a few months ago....RAR was contacted by Jane Sanderson of Lions Roar charity in the UK.  "Could Romania Animal Rescue please go to Buhusi, Romania, to spay/neuter animals?  There is no vet that can spay females there".  Well, it took a great deal of behind the scenes work and strategy, as you see there is no NGO to coordinate a spayathon in the Buhusi area.  So, we gathered up some of Romania's best animal welfare folks and decided to take on this new campaign.  Thanks to the students in the town and their teacher, Babi, the campaign was introduced with a flashmob and flyers all over town. In the end, 156 spays/neuters were done, along with an amputation of the leg of a suffering dog.  Thank you to Babi, Jane,Anda, Toni and all the great RAR team for this outstanding work!  We sure hope we can return to Buhusi, they are already asking for us to come back.  Please donate for our life-saving work in Romania.  Without your help and support, we will not be able to continue.  Thank you!; paypal:  [email protected]    Neuter or Spay!  No More Strays!  No More Suffering!  Our commitment to spay/neuter, education in schools and events, emergency veterinary treatments and surgeries, and veterinary training need your support.

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