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No child deserve abuse and violence.Since they are vulnerable they need proper guidance and support.They need education so that one day when they grow up they can be independent and look after themselves and move on with their own life.Force marriage is a crime and abuse towards young girls.They are helpless and very very vulnerable.Early and forced marriage,child marriage,can end up a girl's chance of going to school and shorter her life by leaving her much more vulnerable to violence,HIV and death in child birth.It's wrong and illegal to force a child into marriages.A child should go to school and play with toys and read lots of books and finish her education so that one day she can be educated and finish her education and be independent, and make her own choices, for her very own bright future ahead,so--------"HELP END FORCE MARRIAGE".FORCING CHILDREN INTO MARRIAGE IS CHILD ABUSE.(I have some other information about child safety websites,hope this will help too--- 


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