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How this will help

I live in Istanbul,Turkey. As you are reading this, we're occupying Taksim Gezi Park. Because Taksim is the largest square in Istanbul and it has only one park. But goverment wanna make a mall in Gezi Park. That's the reason we are sleeping at the park for 10 days. Police came with cannons and tear gas in May 27 th at 5 am. They burned all the tents. (by the way when they were burning tents we were sleeeping in) They attacked with tear gas. 

After that, all citiziens of Turkey started to protest the goverment and Prime Minister Erdoğan. Riot police have continued to attack protestors in Izmir, Ankara,Istanbul,Adana,Tunceli,Antakya and Antalya. 

Police have killed at least 5 people now. We have so many injured people. Police even attacked the hospitals and places we use as hospitals. 

But we will not retreat

Gezi Park is the symbol for us. This is the beginning of revolution. Because we are sick of life as puppets. 

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