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Ok, who, on this website loves puppies, raise your hand!:)....If its puppies you like,we just got 12 and they are adorable!Now, I should start explaining myself: two of our volunteers just found 3 boxes with abandoned puppies in them in their neibourhoods.The poor babies are very young,some 15 days and some around one month.They are many and they are in the street.Sadly we can not take them all in because we dont have a shelter yet but our volunteers are doing their best to provide some shelter for them and food.Its a very rainy season in Romania and its a chalenge to keep them dry and fed!I could only take pictures of 8 of them today but I'll come back with more in a couple days.As I was photographing them,a 10 year old girl who was feeding the pups, came to me and asked if I was going to adopt one.I told her that I already have 8 dogs but that I'll try my best to find them good homes.The little girl said to me that there arent any more good people left  to adopt them and walked away....I know there are alot of puppies in the streets and that we cant save them all but I just cant choose between them,who to feed and who to let die,and I hope you cant either!We have to do everything in our power to save the ones we encounter, so we come to you once again and ask for your help.

The little girls impression of the world today saddened me,I really hope we can prove to her that there still are good,caring people who dont turn their backs when they see suffering animals!

Please help us save these innocent puppies because without you,they will die,and donate to [email protected] paypal or at .

Thank you so much!

Ioana Pasat


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