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Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan

This is the time. A moment to show your true leadership. 

We have endured for too long. No longer will we bow to the bans, suppression and unlawful violence of the Turkish police state. We will not allow the government to impose their political agenda, oppressive Islamism and puritanical prohibitions to reshape the Turkish way of living. We will not let them plunder and sell our cities, villages, forests and water supplies. 

We demand: 

1. Prompt, independent and impartial investigations to ensure that all law enforcement officials responsible for excessive and abusive use of force in the past eleven days are prosecuted;

2. Those directly accountable for all the brutal acts of the police, the governors and chiefs of police of Istanbul and Ankara resign immediately;

3. Immediate release of all arrested civil protesters during the past week;

4. Respect the demonstrators’ rights to peaceful assembly and freedom of expression;

5. Lifting of all bans against public demonstrations across the country;

6. Free, unbiased, and uncensored media that respects the citizens’ rights for access to timely and unbiased information while covering the demonstrations as is expected in a democratic country.

In order for this country- wide resistance to end, you must give an ear to what people are saying and asking. No need for a power show. We all had our share of tear gas and water cannons. No more violence. 

Our resistance is the unified uprising of people not looters as you called us not too long ago. And as you have said it yourself, you were elected to listen and to serve to your people. 

Our resistance is no longer just about the trees and the environment. It is against all oppressive and anti-democratic conducts that this government unfortunately been imposing; it is against the authoritarian ideology of “I have decided so and therefore it is”. 

Our civil resistance will spread to all domains of public and business life, from labor unions to trade associations, artists groups and political parties. 

If anything, our on-going resistance has proven that the current governmental policy of ruling through fear and suppression is no longer an option. 

Listen to us as we have listened to you. Respect us as we have respected you.


Live from Taksim Square

This petition closed about 3 years ago

How this will help

If you are supporter of freedom of expression, equality, human rights, ecology, democracy and liberty then please help us raise awareness and sign this petition.

You know who we are. Outside of the...

If you are supporter of freedom of expression, equality, human rights, ecology, democracy and liberty then please help us raise awareness and sign this petition.

You know who we are. Outside of the "branding" you have given us- looters, hooligans, vandals, and terrorists- we are students, doctors, engineers, artists, singers, photographers, journalists, teachers, academicians, volunteers, nurses, high school students, believes, non-believers, athletes, smokers and non- smokers, drinkers and non- drinkers, jurists, lawyers, civil society activists, human rights defendants, supporters of freedom of speech and above all, Turkish citizens. 

We love our city and our country and regret all acts of vandalism committed in the past eleven days of Istanbul Gezi protests not only in Istanbul but across all of the towns where protests erupted. 

We also live in a democratic country and we believe that the Turkish Ruling Government also adheres to the principles of democracy. And so, we call on the Turkish Government to consider our demands and react accordingly without resorting to excessive use of force and violence or dismissing us and our struggle as an act of terrorism. 


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