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To the Australian Federal Government,

For too long now, you have tried to sweep the issue of Julian Assange under the carpet. For too long you have denied accusations that you're not doing enough for him. For too long you have expected no resistance. For too long you have let American policies undermine our own Australian policies and ideals. For too long you have tried to play an inhumane political game. For too long you have thought you would succeed.

You have left Julian Assange for the wolves, just as you left Ben Zygier, and Schapelle Corby. You have left him to face questioning from Swedish authorities, even after the 2 women in question changed their stories multiple times, Swedish politicians publicly smeared Julian, Swedish authorities discussed the case on talk back radio, emails revealed the 2 women who alleged the sexual assault charges discussed monetary payouts. All of that in itself is enough to discredit a case and have it dismissed completely.

There is strong evidence that a sealed indictment has been prepared in Virginia by the United States for Julian's arrest and/or extradition, to face charges uder their 'Espionage Act'. At worst, that could mean the death penatly. At best, probably the rest of his life in prison. Yet you deny any knowledge of this, even after a document from the Stratfor data leak points very strongly to this scenario.

Ecuador was kind enough to provide Julian with 'political asylum' when he had nowhere else to turn, when his own government dusted their hands of the whole matter as if it wasn't important. We find that you, the Australian Federal Government, have been in gross violation and even contempt of protecting an Australian citizen from unwarranted harrassment, imprisonment, political sanctions, human rights abuse, and freedom of the press laws.

You, the Australian Government, have often said; "We are awarding Julian the same consular assistance we award anyone in trouble overseas". That's great, except for one major point, that being, there is nothing 'normal' or 'common' about Julian's case. Some USA government officials PUBLICLY, on live T.V and radio, called for him to be 'ASSASSINATED', and 'hunted down like the animal he is'. Does this sound like someone who should only receive 'the usual' consular assistance? You, the Australian Government, have NOT done enough to ensure his safe return home. You have not done enough to ensure he is NOT handed over to the United States. You have not done enough to protect him from POLITICAL PROSECUTION.

And now, today, Friday the 7th of June 2013, I have read a report by that the Australian government has 'SEVERED ALL TIES' with Julian Assange and says; "It's not our concern and we will no longer be making any representation for him to the USA". This leads me to believe you have thrown him to the wolves, just as you did Schapelle Corby and Ben Zygier.

We have come to the conclusion that you respect your political playground more than you respect the rights of Australian citizens, and the 'Fair Go' you often tout in Parliament is nothing more than a piece of political jargon to fill a quiet space.

We hold you in contempt Australian Federal Government, and we offer you this petition to prove to you that you're not acting in the best interests of the people.

We demand that you step in for Julian Assange, to ensure his safe exit from the UK, and to guarantee he will not be extradicted to the USA to face ANY charges, as he has BROKEN NO LAWS. We demand it, as concerned citizens.

Here is the damning article, highlighting the Australian Federal Government, and Foreign Minister Bob Carr's blatant disregard of the whole sorry affair. Ironically, these comments were made not at an Australian palrimentary hearing, but at a US Senate budget estimates committee hearing. That's right, Julian Assange's fate wasn't even decided on Australian soil, it was decided in the USA at what amounts to a money making forum. When did Australia become a sub-state of America? When did we lose our own inherent sovereignity? SHAME!


Michael Linden

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Sign because it is the right thing to do. Sign because of the implications this will have on free press, media, and journalism anywhere. Sign because governments everywhere have declared war upon...

Sign because it is the right thing to do. Sign because of the implications this will have on free press, media, and journalism anywhere. Sign because governments everywhere have declared war upon whistleblowers and leakers. Sign because in the future you want your children to know the truth. Sign because you believe that governments need to be held accountable for their crimes and manipulation. Sign because YOU ARE FREE, you are AWAKE, and you are AWARE! Sign because this is a pivotal moment in time, where we CAN help to decide what our future looks like. Sign it, because you CARE!


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