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Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley

We are asking you to make a  "SAFE AND HUMANE COMMUNITY ACT"  one of your legislative priorities for the state of Maryland.  This legislation will protect people and pets, prevent reckless dog owners from owning pets, enforce personal responsibility, prevent convicted felons from owning an unsterilized dog and judge dogs and owners by their behavior not appearance.  In addition, it  would protect property rights and ensure no citizen's property (dog) would be seized based solely on the alleged breed or appearance. ( i.e. Pit Bull Terriers. )This legislation would also contain a preemption clause that has passed in 16 states and prohibit any breed discriminatory or "specific" BSL laws.  We believe that the state of Maryland should be the first to enact a comprehensive safe and humane community act.



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Five years ago an Angel came into my life in the form of a Pit Bull Terrier from the South Central Los Angeles Shelter.  Her ears cut with razor blades, battery acid burns all over her back,...

Five years ago an Angel came into my life in the form of a Pit Bull Terrier from the South Central Los Angeles Shelter.  Her ears cut with razor blades, battery acid burns all over her back, broken tail, part of her tongue missing, had been bred several times and used as a bait dog but still had a smile on her face and nothing but love to give.  Angel has educated and enlightened people around the country by simply being an example of what this breed truly is, magical.  For 20 years I thought entertaining people was enough until Angel came into  my life and showed me that standing up for pits through entertainment is what I'm meant to do and has given my life a greater sense of purpose.  

To ban a race, religion or breed is immoral, prejudice and ignorant. There is a national war against Pit Bull Terriers going on and the time is now to stop it. Fact-there is no such thing as a vicious breed of dog.  The way a dog looks also does not determine it's actions.  So, to deem an entire breed "dangerous" or "vicious" and make it law to remove this breed from loving homes or prevent them a chance at life is ludacris.  

The way we treat our animals is a direct reflection of our society and what humans are doing to Pit Bull Terriers is proof that ours is broken.  Prince George County Maryland finds logic in banning Pit Bull Terriers and continues to turn a blind eye towards the people abusing, torturing, fighting and mutilating them.  It is OBVIOUS that what should be feared and what is in fact "vicious" are the humans doing this daily in our own backyards.  Breed-specific legislation (BSL) laws continue to fail time and time again, costing tax payers more money trying to enforce this ridiculousness.

I'm not asking anyone to own a Pit Bull Terrier or even suggesting that people who don't like dogs change their minds and like them.  It's a responsible persons right to own or not own whatever kind of dog they choose.  What I am asking is that you understand that there is a national war against Pit Bull Terriers and humans are committing heinous acts against them now more than every before and that is ALL OF OUR problem as a society.  Our FBI and government have spent millions on studied that prove that the people committing these acts against dogs/animals will likely and most often times do go on to commit crimes against humans and are involved in other illegal activities.  It is VITAL that you join me in signing this petition to stop BSL laws, and challenge our law makers to stop banning the voiceless victims of abuse and BSL as a way solve a social problem but instead educate themselves, understand this epidemic and create/support intelligent solutions that will save animals and humans alike.  Please sign now and share!  #wewillmarch


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