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Raise Alzheimer's awareness by using my social networks as a tool to spread the word.

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How this will help

How can YOU help? You can help spread the word. We  are launching a powerful social media movement that will drive awareness of our  mission. All we ask is that you take a few minutes out of your days to: 
  1. Tweet on Twitter about our  mission.
  3. Friend/Like us on Facebook.
  5. Join our 410,717 members on 
  7. Forward this  email to your friends and family.  Ask them to do the same.
  9. Donate if you can* at:

Your small efforts can make a great difference in many  lives.  Please take a few minutes every other day and Tweet or Facebook  message using the examples provided below or create your own.  Quite  literarily, your tweets, posts, emails and donations will help save the lives  of those most precious to all of us.
  Please find below, Facebook and Twitter messaging  suggestions. Let us know what you can do to support us by responding to this  email.  Supporting Alzheimer’s research is the only way we can find a  cure.
  To learn more about our mission, go to
  Suggested  Messaging

  Today is the launch of the new #Alzheimerschallenge  campaign helping fund  Alzheimer’s research; Donate or tweet at
  All  hands on deck for the launch of the new #Alzheimerschallenge campaign! RT to  all of your followers to help fund Alzheimer’s research
  The  new campaign helping fund Alzheimer’s research is live! I took the  #Alzheimerschallenge. Will you? Donate your $ or tweet at

  Did  you know 1 in 3 seniors dies with Alzheimer's, I didn’t. See how you can help  at: #Alzheimerschallenge
  Want  to defeat Alzheimer’s? Skip the latte & donate what you would have spent  here: #Alzheimerschallenge
  Our  loved ones with Alzheimer’s need our help and now is the time to give it to  them. Donate $10: #Alzheimerschallenge 
  My  <3 goes out to our loved ones suffering from Alzheimer’s. To help, donate  $10: #Alzheimerschallenge

  Let’s  put our tweeting power to good use. RT to show your support Alzheimer’s  research. #Alzheimerschallenge
  Help  spread the word about a cause I care deeply about. RT to bring awareness to  Alzheimer’s research #Alzheimerschallenge
  (June  9 Post)
  Tomm  is the official launch of #Alzheimerschallenge It's a great cause that helps  fund Alzheimer’s research.

  Check out their site & RT:


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