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I must say most regulators and some states have worked with me very well and it took four years but some action is happening.  The SEC has had all of the information on the site plus much more along with documented evidence and other employee witnesses yet there is no movement.  The SEC to date as Elizabeth Warren called out has yet to put a TBTF on trial.  NCO majority owned by Chase and part of the case already has a documented SEC action from a few years back a slap on the wrist with be nice in the future.  The SEC's role is not only to protect and investigate cases in which investors are complaining about losing money.  The perfect example is the amount of media last years London Whale issue at Chase got, but yet my information has been front page NY Times, the WSJ and Forbes reported that Chase dismissed more than 45 billion dollars of defective credit card lawsuits just prior to the OCC investigation launching in regards to what I reported.  The Washington Post last week gave some more updates on that investigation in a front page article.  A couple of weeks ago the state of California was the first to file a major lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase for the issues I reported.  American Banker in a series of articles for the past year working with me and former employees that spoke up after watching what happened to me and my families lives after just refusing to commit fraud to make the numbers.  I am a mom of four most bankers are not CEO's they are middle class American's too.  Demand investigation results from the SEC and no more slaps on the wrist as recently reported the very detailed information I worked the past four years to provide have not only continued but grown.  It is time for answers and accountability.  The world may have been slow to catch on and understand ABS's and complex banking issues.  But most Americans including the people who are in roles to protect consumers understand what a credit card is, they understand you can't sell billions of dollars of accounts with incorrect information and balances on them and then intentionally bypass consumer protection laws at the state and federal level by abusing the judicial system.  Elizabeth Warren has called for trials and accountability every day that goes the practices continue and the people are collateral damage.  If they don't want a difficult trial keep it simple the banks card game with no more excuses.  I assure you no TBTF is 100% dependent on any one person or CEO and a CEO only holds as much power as the customers and regulators willingly give them.  There has been a shift in thinking in banking that I have seen high ed investors are the customers and the priority is the shareholder dividends and profits, the people with the checking, savings, credit cards, mortgages they are the free play money to bet with.  Stand up and be the customer again.  Go into your local branch at least once a month and let the employees get to know you I assure you no one there is making a million again branch employees are very underpaid especially for the amount they have to learn and retain.  Every time you rely on what we all love mobile banking, online banking, IVR's, and foreign call centers you are padding the tops bonuses.  Make them work to have you as a customer and appreciate you.  If there is a new fee you don't like don't just call and complain call and tell them you will be doing all of your banking in the physical branch you just went from being a customer that is all profit to you cost them.  An average branch visit can actually equal more than $10 dollars when the stats are done.  It also creates American jobs instantly.  So please sign the petition, go to my website and Facebook and make sure when a bank, collection agency or debt buyers does something wrong to you go to their websites and log a complaint to the CFPB, FTC and your states AG's they need your complaints to know what the issues are, get the resources and backing to do something.  The report from this year I think it was around 1% of Americans filed complaints and your complaints are key to action. The websites are very straightforward and simple and takes no longer than a facebook status update.  Although, the more details the better if there are thinks like is the account in collections or were you sued, did the balance suddenly jump, is it an account you did not have, is it reporting on your credit bureau more than one time due to debt sales which accounts are now often sold up to four times with minimal data and nothing else.  The proper links to the sites with the extra directions will be available on my site by this weekend just finishing putting it in now.  

I am currently working with state and federal regulators, consumers, consumer attorneys and community organizations nationwide to not only as I have done expose intentional fraud against consumers by multiple banks but to not stop until solutions are put into place and the hundreds of billions of dollars in illegally obtained judgments against consumers are vacated. I cannot hold down a normal job and continue this fight. In most cases my father uses his social security and va disability to pay for the travel and has given up his home and life to help support my family. Help me to continue my four year long fight and provide more education and resources to consumers. Phase one of my website went live this week need funding to expand to arm consumers to take on the TBTF's and level the playing field in court rooms. Any assistance is appreciated from funds to airline miles to hotel points for travel to various states. Also, please sign up on my new website to receive regular updates of new information you or a family or friend may need to stop the bank fraud.Here are some links of the countless stories I have worked on with writers to educate and empower people, regulators and courts to stop the fraud and help the people. I have attached the full government filing and I waived my rights to stay anomonys so the information does not get buried there was never anything in this for me I just refused to commit fraud at the expense of people to keep my job. Here are just some of the main articles on me you will notice a great deal is not public yet especially the connection with Chase owning NCO and SST and running litigation for the other banks, collection agencies and debt buyers. All of this proven up and a major class action with it we just survived the motion to dismiss. Recent Attorney General Suit in California Based on the information I exposed so far 100,000 victims found in just one case including intentional fraud against our active military while deployed. If you have been sued by a bank, collection agency, attorney network or credit card company and the balances or dates seem wrong or the account was sold you may be a victim. Go to my site and file a complaint with your states Attorney General, the FTC and CFPB. Your feedback and complaints provides the resources needed to stop this economic treason to our economy and hurting families. Please send me your stories the more I have the more people I can help.


Linda Almonte

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Call to action to the SEC and USAG to listen to the people, Senator Warren and others and hold the TBTF banks and their Executives at all levels accountable for their intentional fraud against...

Call to action to the SEC and USAG to listen to the people, Senator Warren and others and hold the TBTF banks and their Executives at all levels accountable for their intentional fraud against people.  And stand by you bank whistleblowers more support will bring more forward and encourage them to put an end to the abuse of customers and employees.  

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