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Save this poor injured dog from the streets!

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Hi everyone,

I know there are alot of animals in need but we just cant ignore one more,right?!....A few days ago, a very active volunteer of RAR and Tomita Animal Rescue, found a stray dog in the street.He was probably hit by a car and was in terrible pain.His front legs were partially skinned alive somehow and bleeding.Our volunteer took the poor boy to the vet and there he got surgery and treatment.The vet told us that he will recover but he needs a loving home because he just can not go back in the streets.When I visited him today,he was in pain still,very sad but gentle and sweet to me and everyone there.Despite the trauma and pain he went through,this 6 year old boy can still trust people and be their best friend,as he demonstrated every day since we found him. Animals have this great capacity to forgive and forget people who hurt them and this boy isnt an exception.We hope that there will be help for him too because he is waiting and deserves  a good home he never found.We hope you can help us pay the vet bill, his food, and maybe find someone willing to love and adopt this sweet dog.

If you can, please help him and donate to [email protected] paypal or .I will keep you updated on the exact vet costs and his other needs tomorrow when I'll talk to his dr again.

Thank you very much and any help is much appreciated as always!

Ioana Pasat

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