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Hi dear friends!

Guess who called me today?... Otilia! She is one of our volunteers. I bet you know her by now. :-)She is the luckiest volunteer in Tecuci ever! She is the one  who found  those 4 puppies and took them in foster care last winter and is still taking care of them now. Anyway, that`s another story. Now, she found two adorable abandoned puppies - a girl (the reddish one) and a boy in front of her door.Today, I sent them three cans of food and 50 lei for some rice, eggs and milk. There is a milk recipe for pups consisting of 1 L of milk,1-2 egg yolks and a teaspoon of honey,( it`s a recipe from the vet, so don`t worry). Well.... I am not sure how many days Otilia can feed them with what I sent her today, but I know for sure that they will need more SOON....These two adorable souls  urgently need to be dewormed and vaccinated before its too late.They also relly on their human family to feed them and find them forever homes in which they will be loved and taken care of, unlike what they experienced on the streets. Dear friends and animal lovers, PLEASE, if you can and want, help us  feed these poor, sweet, innocent  puppies from Tecuci. To be honest, I am really desperate because we have so many cases of animals that we found abandoned in the streets... But, as you know, HOPE is the last one to die. That`s why I dare and ask  for your help again.  Please donate to[email protected] paypal or at and save these poor puppies yet again. Thank you so very much for your help and continuous support! All our puppies appreciate it and owe their lives to you! 

Mihaela Raducanu, Association for Animal Protection Tomita


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