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Dear Future Supporters,

Today our city is threatened by drug abuse and addiction. As a means to prevent future addicts, we all ought to join forces and work together from the inside-out, not outside-in. By creating an environment for the youth to stay involved, very much like an outdoors program or an after-school program, we greatly reduce the chances of them wasting their productive lives towards drug use. As seen on Dr.Phil, many lives have fallen victim to this epidemic due to the high levels of exploitation and experimentation. Just like the slogan says, "curiosity kills the cat", our children are being introduced to these seriously dangerous drugs and our city is in desperate need of a solution that actually works in application. We have waited long enough for I have personally witnessed the negative well-being of our children even with the Task Force on Heroin Prevention of the Simi Valley Police Department which has been trying to prevent drug trafficking. What the SVPD doesn't understand are the roots for why our children experiments with these drugs from the first place and why they keep on going back for more. The root reason is the lack of education and the environment they surround themselves with, such as their peers.

So why build a skatepark when we already have Skatelab - Indoor Skatepark and Museum? The truth is because most of these kids who just got out of school doesn't have a job or a hobby to keep themselves afloat. They start to wonder why they should pay $10 to skateboard for 3 hours at Skatelab, when they could meet up with their friends and get high for more than 3 hours at the same price. If there were free public skateparks, kids wouldn't have to worry about having to pay money to do something they love and they would have a daily commune to look forward to. It would also be a very social and interactive open area where people can share each others' passions and life experiences. By surrounding ourselves with a healthy environment where productivity thrives, our kids can train their minds to stay away from these life-ruining substances and become more aware of the consequences of drug addiction. Please take the time to think about your friends or children and what kind of environment you want them to strive in. As a skateboarder myself, I would have loved a free public park where I could go to everyday after school to practice one of my most prideful passions and I would like to  make it a reality for all generations, especially the youth. 

Thank you very much for your time and I hope you join me in bringing Simi Valley its first free public skatepark!


Juste Milieu

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How this will help

Simply put, to create a better environment for our children to practice recreational activities. 

Heroin in Suburbia: A Town Intervention on Dr. Phil

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