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Raise awareness of the plight of the dogs at Nas Dom Pozega death camp

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Dogs are being tortured, mistreated, beaten, abused and starved to death at JKP 'Nas Dom' (Our Home), Pozega, Serbia. Many dogs which have been rescued are so far gone they do not survive. Many puppies have been sterilised in unsanitary conditions, wounds have been stitched with cord or rope. They suffer from deprivation and are killed with the T61 without first being anaesthetised. Distemper is a common feature with many rescued dogs and pups who do not survive because of their weakened immune system. There are criminal charges against this shelter but nothing yet have been brought to bear against them. We wish to shut the shelter, and save more dogs dying by brutal hands.  

Activists barely refer to this location as a dog 'shelter', but rather a concentration camp for the poor unfortunate street dogs of Serbia.  Through the gruesome brutality and torture of man's best friend, it epitomises an abusive misuse of power and responsibility.

Imagine a dog being starved to death.  Trapped behind bars without food, growing weaker each day with agonising hunger.  A desperate blood stained animal cowered in the corner of a desolate cage, exposed to the Serbian weather.  A starved skeletal creature too weak to lift its' head in defence of a beating.  Or perhaps a mother, watching helplessly as her young pups die on the freezing ground, while other pups eat their deceased litter mates in a desperate attempt to stay alive. 

According to activists at least 17 separate criminal charges have been laid against JKP, including a former employee's testimony of sadistically killing puppies in front of their mothers.  But until now there has been no independent criminal investigation!?! Despite the charges, the pound's management (Svetlana Pavlovic, Chief of Animal Zoo Hygiene, Zoran Đjokovic, Director, and Milan Božović, Veterinarian), remain in control of the dogs.  So the accused abusers have unrestricted access to many more voiceless victims.  Furthermore, complaints have been levied with the Veterinary Department of the Minister of Agriculture against the Chief Veterinary Inspector, Zoran Mićović, for failure to respond to numerous charges against JKP.  Activists claim a close personal tie between the pound Veterinarian and the Inspector has influenced decisions. 






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