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Take action to fix cats during Adopt-a-Cat month.

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How this will help

June is National Adopt-a-Cat month in the United States. Why? Shelters are flooded with hundreds of cats and kittens that are a product of cats' peak reproductive season. Shelters all over the country have every nook and cranny busting with litters of kittens and nursing cats mamas that need to find homes. The need for help is great! Together we can stop this annual influx by bringing an end to unwanted cat breeding.

We have discussed many ways to volunteer and help in your local area in our previous Causes Pledge: Take Action this Kitten Season. Here we have made it even easier to prevent ongoing cat breeding this season with NEW developments on FiXiT's

1. Watch and share FiXiT's new video on YouTube. Spread the word to your social network about how works to people that might be willing to sponsor a fix for a cat that is cared for by someone less fortunate.

2. Register as a Sponsor: Choose  "I would like to be notified when a new profiled animal is in my area." Receive an email every week when new animals are profiled in your local area. Share profiles to your social network and save global by spaying local.

3. Give a fix as a GIFT to your special someone (grads and dads, anyone?). FiXiT is now offering the perfect present for any animal lover – our NEW Gift a FiX Sponsorship! Receive a coupon code to share immediately - good for one fix for an animal of your recipient's choice on

You can help cats on that will contribute to the overpopulation problem in your area or all over the country, if left unaltered. We can end cat homelessness and the need for Adopt-a-Cat Month - one fix at a time!


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