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Victory as British Columbia Government Opposes Northern Gateway Tar Sands Pipeline

The decision makes is highly doubtful the Northern Gateway pipeline to carry Alberta's filthy tar sand bitumen to China will commence any time soon, and has effectively been stopped. Ecological Internet is pleased to have successfully been the first to lead international opposition to the project, achieving with many others the second major delay to the flawed proposal. Concerns expressed over the inability to cleanup spilled bitumen in water apply equally to the flawed Keystone XL pipeline, for which President Obama is now clear to deny approval. One down, one to go!

June 1, 2013
By Ecological Internet
Media Contact: Dr. Glen Barry, [email protected], +1 (608) 332-5650

(Madison, WI) - Ecological Internet (EI) is enormously pleased to note British Columbia (B.C.), Canada's thumbs down to the proposed Northern Gateway tar sand pipeline. Announced yesterday, the decision virtually guarantees that the flow of filthy tar sands oil from Canada's interior to China will not commence through a Western Pacific route any time soon. EI was the first to protest internationally on the issue, doing so since 2010, over a full year earlier than other global affinity efforts – successfully laying the groundwork for the victory.

EI's President, Dr. Glen Barry, states: "The B.C. pipeline victory against tar sands ecocide is the results of innumerable instances of valor by indigenous, local, and global tar sands protesters. Yet is also again clearly demonstrates Ecological Internet and online colleagues' ability to be at the vanguard of environmental protest, helping mobilize online large global coalitions that are ultimately successful. This is a stunning victory for indigenous, local, and global people power, and illustrates the importance of funding small ecological opposition groups, and taking strong biocentric positions against environmental risk."

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