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Per the NC Real Estate Commission:  As Chairs of your WSRAR Political Affairs Committee for 2013, we think it is imperative that we alert you to a dangerous discussion in Raleigh that would negatively impact you as well as current and prospective homeowners in North Carolina.  There is discussion underway right now that would eliminate the Mortgage Interest Deduction In North Carolina.  This would cost the average homeowner nearly $800 per year in additional state taxes and eliminate one of the primary benefits of homeownership for your home buying clients.  We, as the voice for real estate in North Carolina, need to stand up for the unrepresented in Raleigh.  No one is in the halls of the state capitol advocating for hardworking homeowners who have to work, rather than lobby elected officials.  We need you to follow the following link and tell your elected officials to save the mortgage interest deduction.  It only takes two minutes and will provide vital information to the decision makers in Raleigh.


Sandy Elliott

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Impactful to all NC Homeowners!  If passed, may eliminate your TAX DEDUCTION!


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