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Share the ROLDA activity on DVD

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I started this project - to film the volunteers, the daily staff activity, etc because people must know; must see, understand.

Hopefully as a result, they will react. It is not a Hollywood project, just mixed feelings, emotions, some tears, and some wagging tails. What is more beautiful than natural care?At the end of the year, hopefully all ROLDA supporters will get in the post a DVD with 2013 activity documented in short movies from the vet office, from sterilizations, different volunteers speaking up for our dogs, etc....I remind you that you can support ROLDA by donating directly on for various projects like sterilization, wild habitat, repairs at shelter, etc

You can also visit us during your next Holiday to help our dogs and staff. You can simply spread out our website address and our newsletter. Do not remain indifferent even if you can't help financially. Please, join us to save more dogs in Romania!


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