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Over the years there have been many pets that became War Animals who served and died for many different countries and yet there isn't a single DAY that commemorates ANY of them; War Animals Or Our Treasured Pets. 

Finally, after much campaigning The Animals In War Memorial in London was unveiled in November of 2004 but sadly the animal remembrance awareness side of things got lost amongst all the back patting and handshaking which is so typical of our government!  The monument should have come with information packs from a so called proud government inclusive of an annual Remembrance Day for the animals - It did not. 

The idea for it came from author Jilly Cooper and some of her friends, a group of influential personalities in their own right, who in 1996 started the 'Animals in War' Memorial Fund with Anne, HRH The Princess Royal, as patron. Jilly herself donated to the fund all the royalties from her successful book Animals at War.  After a long and challenging nationwide fundraising operation the memorial was completed, it took 8 years.

There are two inscriptions: "This monument is dedicated to all the animals that served and died alongside British and Allied forces in wars and campaigns throughout time." The second, smaller inscription simply reads: "They had no choice."

There were never truer words written BUT what is the point of any memorial if there is no public awareness of it?  That is about to change!  Join us please if you are a believer in ALL animals and their right to have a voice, recognition and a Remembrance Day of their own.

Our Patron, Rev James Thompson - The Animals Padre of Holywell, Flintshire, North Wales, has been left very disappointed by this countries lack of enthusiasm towards animal remembrance, ''it seams that church going folk are no different!'' he said in a recent telephone conversation and I was stunned to hear the pain in his voice.  This man who is now 83 years of age has spent his life campaigning for animal awareness and It would make me very happy if we were able to succeed so he could see that his tireless words of inspiration have not been in vain.

Please click this link to read the letter he sent us (Rev James' Letter He wrote it on the day he read our article in the Daily Post newspaper, 23rd May 2013. (The article can also be seen on our website by clicking the link for Rev James' Letter above) and he was moved to write to me in the hope he could be of help.

It is people like him that keep up the inspirational moral needed in order to battle hard headed and ignorant governments.  It seams they only do good when it benefits them.  They need to do more than just plonk a whopping 2 million pound monument in London - they need to give the Animals AN ACTUAL DAY... a DATE..  so we can all have our own time on THAT special day to not only remember all those animals of war but our own special and treasured friends.  We wouldn't be expected to go to London to visit just ONE monument, we could hold services in our own communities as there is a cenotaph in most of them. 

With your voices I will petition not only the UK government but in time EVERY government so that those animals will have their own Poppy Day, a day that is as memorable as Veterans/Armistice Day. 

I want to issue the Himalayan Blue Poppy to symbolise our cause and use our lapel pins to welcome Associate Members.  It won't be an easy mission, nothing ever is where animals are concerned but with the dedicated work of Animal Aid and other campaigners I am sure one day and with a lot of voices it can be accomplished.  Please make your mark on our petition so that we can push the government to give animals their own special day of remembrance.

Help me please - you must know that it was the wishes of the public that started the original Poppy Day for veterans - it was their votes - their drive that created this globally known day - what is so wrong with wanting the same for the animals?...

Any monies received from sales of Himalayan Blue Animal Remembrance Poppy's and our lapel Pins (Pictured here) will go towards animals in need charities, namely;  The North Clwyd Animal Rescue, in Holywell, Flintshire.  Capricorn Animal Rescue, Mold, Flintshire and The Siamese Rescue in Sheffield.  There will be many more charities added over time. 

There is more information available at our Website and our Facebook page.


Carrie-Anne Dean

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