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Denis Napthine, Premier of Victoria, Australia

We are writing on behalf of Kerser's Mom, Jade, who had just moved into a new neighborhood a few days before Kerser was seized. Being a curious puppy, Kerser got out of the house and found a way through the fence into the neighbour's back yard. The neighbour then called the RSPCA to take the puppy away. Jade had not yet had a chance to register Kerser but had planned to do so in the next 24 hours. This oversight has resulted in Kerser, who looks like, but is NOT a Pit Bull, being scheduled to be euthanized June 3rd, 2013 at 5 PM based solely on his looks. At the last moment Kerser received a temporary, 14 day, stay of execution while his case is once again reviewed but his life still hangs in the balance.

Kerser is a good family puppy, less than 2 years old, who has always been a loving, gentle and playful boy. He has never harmed anyone and is a valuable and much loved member of Jade's family.

We would also like to make you aware of the plight of Rocket and Mylo, 2 more victims slated for execution due to the barbaric and out-dated Breed Specific Legislation in Australia and other less informed parts of the world. Neither of these 2 loving companions have shown signs of aggression either and are being unjustly judged as dangerous.

As law-abiding citizens we are in strong support of all policies and laws on the books because we deeply value these as the markers of a strong civilization. However, for civilization to be truly "civilized," there must be room for logical reasoning and the human touch for cases like Kerser, Rocket and Mylo's, enabling humanity to save lives and right wrongs. The remedy must never be needless killing when other correctional options can be given. If "civilization" means a member of a family will be killed due to BSL or an oversight, it honestly makes all of us decent citizens afraid for the future of our society. We love civilization and don't want to think a greatly loved member of anyone's family would be killed because the system goes strictly by the books, especially since this case is based on how these 3 dogs look, not on what they've done, which is nothing. This legislation needs to change now, before it's too late for Kerser, Rocket and Mylo.

We are reaching out to you because we know you can influence this situation so Kerser, Rocket and Mylo can live. As a Veterinarian and a strong leader with authority, we humbly request that you advise the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to work with these dogs' owners to make different arrangements for them that will be in compliance with the city.

Many of us have fur members of our own families and know the bond formed and the emotional torment the owners are going through.

If you agree that we can bring more humanity to cases like these, please put a final stop to the orders to euthanize Kerser, Rocket and Mylo, releasing them to their owners' custody once and for all.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

With many thanks and gratitude,

Kerser, Rocket and Mylo's many supporters.


Cara-Leigh Wallden

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How this will help

Please, everyone, flood the Premier of Victoria's Facebook Page with messages! He erases them as fast as he can but we won't be silenced! He will be held publicly accountable for his actions this...

Please, everyone, flood the Premier of Victoria's Facebook Page with messages! He erases them as fast as he can but we won't be silenced! He will be held publicly accountable for his actions this way. As a Veterinarian he should have more compassion for animals and as a leader he should be wiser in choosing his battles. Battling against specific breeds of dogs, much loved family members, is not a wise choice, Mr. Premier. Animals should be judged by their DEEDS, not their BREEDS! Here's the link:  Thank you, in advance, for your help. 

KERSER was seized, at 8 months old, because he went into a next door neighbour's backyard. His mom, Jade, had just moved in and hadn't noticed the fence needed reinforcing. Kerser, a curious pup, got out. The neighbour then called animal rescue to take Kerser to the local RSPCA (Australia).

The Australian Government has Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) that specifies that the council has the right to seize a dog in Australia if they believe it to be a restricted breed. Since Kerser looks like a Pit Bull, he is scheduled to be put to death. He is not a Pit Bull and has never harmed anyone. He is getting punished for the way he looks.

Kerser is very friendly and loves human companionship. He's not even 2 years old yet.

Kerser is not alone in his struggle to survive. Rocket and Mylo are 2 more victims of BSL slated for execution, whose owners are in ongoing legal battles for their lives. None of these loving companion animals have shown any signs of aggression and are valued members of their human families.

Kerser was scheduled to be "humanely euthanized" Monday, the 3rd of June at 5pm, but thanks to the overwhelming support of the public, at the last moment Kerser received a temporary stay of execution while his case is reviewed once again. He still remains incarcerated and his life still hangs in the balance. There is a new hearing set for June 25, 2013.

For Rocket's story please visit and for Mylo's story please visit

The Premier is undoubtedly hoping that the public furor over this issue will die soon so he can quietly execute these innocent puppies in peace.

Please help us send a clear message to the Premier and the rest of the world that we won't stand by and let more innocent furry family members be murdered. The world needs to recognize that animals, just like people, should be judged by the DEED, NOT THE BREED!


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