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It's my BIRTHDAY and I want to turn GOOD WILL into ACTION by helping neglected and abused pups find health, happiness and love.   

So, I'm making this offer during the week of my birthday (June 1):  

If you make a donation of any size to JJ WOOFIN' PAWS RESCUE AGENCY, the best non-profit animal rescue organization I know (full disclosure, I'm also a volunteer and a recipient of my beloved PRESTON who was once-upon-a-time rescued by JJ WOOFIN' PAWS).... I WILL MATCH YOUR DONATION - dollar for dollar!  

In other words, if you donate $10... boom!  That instantly becomes $20! 

I've seen firsthand dozens of JJ WOOFIN' PAWS' rags to riches stories, and I know personally that JJ WOOFIN' PAWS has never given up -- and never will give up -- on an animal in its care, and it will make the best possible use of our donations (all of which are 100% tax-deductible).  

I hope you'll participate in my BIRTHDAY WISH fundraiser.  Together, we can bring happiness to countless pups.... and their humans.  

[For more info about JJ Woofin' Paws, visit the FB page or go to, and of course, if you have any questions or need more info, just ask!]   

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