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Georgia State Patrol

On May 14th 2013 the vehicle my daughter was a passenger in was speeding through Banks county on I 85. After attempts to get the driver to stop the GSP got involved. The chase reached speeds of 100 mph +. Knowing there were two other passengers in the car the GSP decided to do a pit maneuver even at this speed knowing the out come would be detrimental. It is common since that when you strike another car with intent to spin it at high rates of speed valocity takes over. the car began spinning out of control flew off the road an flipped multiple time before wrapping around a tree. My daughter was killed instantly by sever skull injury even though she was wearing her seat belt she was still partially ejected from the vehicle. I am all for police officers and how they put their lives at risk daily to protect us , but I feel like this day they failed an innocent victim was taken from her family and son. Yes the driver is being charged and should be but at the same time at what point do we say ok lets back off we are putting other passengers at risk who might be innocent. She was!! it wasnt as if he killed someone or robbed a bank he was just speeding. There has to be laws to govern when to back off and when its effective to use a pit maneuver.


Patti Shore

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There must be laws put in place to protect ALL INNOCENT VICTIMS. When do you continue to persue and when do you back off a little and most important at what speed is to fast to execute a PIT MANEUVER !!


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