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Dear Nancy,The first step of spay/neuter campaign(May 2013) in Ramnicu Sarat is finished and lot of  dogs from the local shelter as well as dogs and  cats from local owners have been neutered.Despite of bad weather condition ( rains and strong storms every day and more than that in one day cause of the storm the power supply was broken and the young doctors Simona, Irina, Luana and Laura have continued the surgeries at flashlight) the  hard work of R.A.R. doctors was finally a real success. It is our turn now to continue, to promote the action and to keep you informed about our next steps.I hope that my following words will break the borders and reach the minds and hearts of peoples and authorities. I strongly want and hope this.It is a message for my fellow citizens of Ramnicu Sarat : Dear friends ,we are Human beings, superior to all animals. We are rational and emotional not only instinctual beings.We must have power of understanding and power of love and kindness.We were born to progress not only to survive.We have an obligation to keep nature in normal limits, to love children ,old peoples , animals and need to have a future.These all means involvement and responsibility. What will happen in 20 years when our children will ask us about how we solved the problem of stray dogs ?Will we be able to look them into their eyes, proudly answering : it was easy , we abandoned and killed them !People  please ,think on this!This is our cry to fellow citizens of Ramnicu Sarat and not only : INVOLVEMENT, ADOPTION , CHARITY ! Nothing compares with dogs devotion.Please see some pictures of some peoples already involved in spay / neuter campaign. The pictures show more than  my words could express.  Thanks to them and thanks to R.A.R. and doctors which help us with their professionalism and dedication. It is not only an experience, it becomes a friendship with R.A.R. representatives !Be sure that we will not stop here .We will continue our work and don't stop to hope on  better times and better life for our animals !Gratefully Yours,On the behalf of HAPPY DOGS Association/Ramnicu Sarat,Camelia Pandele


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