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Donations to Urdhva are used to support following causes:

-Self sustainable "Vanprasth Ashram" (Old Age People Retreat)
-Orphan Chilren's Living Habitat near to Old age people retreat
-Open education park for children-Sustainable & Natural farming Science
-Eco Friendly Self-Employment Creation
-Low Price Organic &  Nutritional Food Production-Education and Awareness about Ecology 
-Free Alternative Education for Community & Children-Healing through alternative and nutrition therapy 
-Eco Friendly Life Style and Happy Community Building 
-Eco friendly housing & energy solutions
-Food Abundance for all-Shelter for all 
-Education for all 
-Quality & Cheaper Medical Services for all 
-Building Resource Sharing Communities
-Increasing happiness ratio in communities
 -Cooperatives Ventures inside a community 
-Spreading awareness about Low carbon footprints
-Importance of Local Community Businesses 

Urdhva has been initiated to support the development of a Profit Free Intentional Community in India.

We have witnessed the perils of living in a society which thrives on profit motive, mindless consumption and imbalanced life style not in harmony with our ecosystem. War, crime, diseases & terror are the dark gifts of the current system which thrives on our blind beliefs & fear based following.Today we are more connected globally on the pretext of trade exchange & networking, however if we take a closer look we are alienated and isolated than ever before as a community. If we take a look at the degenerating quality of our lives, the lifestyle & way of living as promoted & endorsed by the current socioeconomic system is definitely not in our best interest.

The question arises however that what alternative do we have? And what can we do to change this scenario?The answer to this, lies in developing small  Intentional Communities based on cooperative ideology rather than competitive one, through using resource based solutions and distribution methodology. Urdhva is the means to realize this vision and develop a community that becomes an ideal example of humane living.

Our Resource Based Sustainable Community envisions a synthesis of spiritual values & scientific approaches leading to establishment of a truly free and fair society that negates exploitation & thrives only on human values of freedom, love and sense of abundance. Here is a brief glimpse of what this intentional community is all about.

Our Intentional Community Envisions
–A 'Sustainable Habitat'; where all the basic living needs can be fulfilled within the community. Just the way a forest survives on its own; our community is a self sustaining & regenerative habitat; self-dependent. A regenerative ecosystem is that where resources are used based on sustainable scale. 

-An 'Intentional Community'; where people choose a way of living based on true human values, which fosters harmony & mutual support. 
-A 'Holistic Society'; where science & spirituality work together to create a healthy, peaceful & harmonious living environment considering all aspects of life rather than focusing on some particular aspect. Where there are no constraints of traditional ethics and beliefs and people only follow the human value system and there is no enforcement or restriction for experimenting with ideas & ideologies.
-A 'Vibrant & Celebrating Community'; where ideological differences are seen as reasons for exploration of new kinds of possibilities and evolution and not enmity. -A 'Natural Community'; where nature is looked upon not as a resource for exploitation, rather as a source for knowledge & living inspiration. -A 'Profit Free Community'; where resources are freely shared and people are free from any need to profit out of others and hoard money for security and controlling others. -A 'Futuristic Community';which is built to thrive, which is free from any drawbacks of current system, which is a seed for a peaceful, harmonious & progressive life for us and our coming generations. 

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